Professional Online Education

Meet Our Online Dean

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III ministering during the Aenon Bible College 75th Anniversary Celebration Banquet. 2016 #PAWinc Summer Convention in Kansas City, MO. Monday afternoon 8/01/16.

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Ruth A. Tyson, B.A., M.A.S.M.,  D.D., Program Coordinator/ HQ Onsite Campus Liaison

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Bishop Jeffery D. Goldsmith, B.A.P.M., M.A.P.M., D.D., Executive Vice President

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Traditional On-Campus or Distance Learning Classes

If you desire the hands-on experience of classroom learning, you are welcome to come and attend class at the our main Campus Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN . Read More

Online Classes

Aenon online program offers you the flexibility from your home or office to learn, while retaining a level of structure that will help you stay on track toward achieving your educational goals.

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Online Self-Directed Classes

Contemporary online learning methods are placing additional pressures on online students, but the increased demand also serves to stimulate the intellect. Self-directed learning shifts the power and responsibility for learning closer to the student.

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Bishop Michael D. Hannah Sr., D.D., Executive President

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Executive Board Members

WELCOME TO AENON BIBLE COLLEGE ONLINE.  Aenon Online is the third division created within Aenon Bible College behind the On-Campus & Distance Learning departments. Aenon Online was created as another vehicle to train students and spread the gospel throughout the world; but this department can reach the world in seconds using the latest technology. Aenon's story is one of vision, sacrifice, determination, and perseverance. Aenon Bible School was birthed during a time when many Pentecostals did not advocate post-secondary education especially for Spirit-filled ministers. The notion that one need only 'open one's mouth and God would fill it' prevailed in many of our circles. Fortunately, many ministers during that era were blessed to sit under outstanding, God inspired, anointed teachers, but not all. It was the abundance of untrained, expositors of unsound doctrine that prompted the urgent call for systematic training. Elders Karl F. Smith and Labaugh H. Stansbury, former AME ministers, envisioned a training center for ministers of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Their proposal for what would become Aenon Bible College was approved by the 1940 general assembly convening in Philadelphia, PA. Six months later on January 16, 1941 Aenon Bible School was officially dedicated at the Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith...

Bishop Bruce Shaw

Executive Secretary

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Bishop Michael D. Hannah Sr., D.D.

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Bishop Theodore Brooks

P.A.W. Presiding Bishop

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Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and  welcome to Aenon Bible College! Whether you are an Online, Distance Learning, Bible Institute or On Campus student, we are absolutely excited that we are a part of your future in Christian education. It is my endeavor as well as our staff to serve you with the excellence that is so richly deserved by you as we assist in preparing you for 21st century ministry. Welcome to Aenon where we “Train to Reign!”

Bishop Ira Combs, B.Th., Th.D., D.D., 

Executive Vice President

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Bishop Thomas Davis

Conference Facilitator/Student Care Coordinator

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Dr. Anthony Buckles, Online Department Dean