Professional Online Education


Bishop Jeffery D. Goldsmith, B.A.P.M., M.A.P.M., D.D., Executive Vice President

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Traditional On-Campus or Distance Learning Classes

If you desire the hands-on experience of classroom learning, you are welcome to come and attend class at the our main Campus Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN . Read More

Bishop Michael D. Hannah Sr., D.D., Executive President

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Bishop Charles H. Ellis III B.B.A., M.B.A., D.D., Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.

Executive Staff

We are committed to our mission: "Equipping Christian Leaders for the 21st Century Ministry" 


Aenon Bible College was established in 1941 in Columbus, Ohio. Aenon provides a solid Liberal Arts foundation for all, and currently offer a 4- year degree in Christian Education and Christian Ministry. At Aenon, you can earn a certificate in Biblical Studies in as little as 32 credits, an Associates degree in just 62 credits, and a Bachelors degree in just 122 hours! And now we have an exciting new program that allows pastors to earn a Bachelor's degree while continuing to pastor their local church! The A.P.P.L.E. Degree Programs for Pastors. Learn more

 Welcome to Aenon Bible College Online!

Bishop Ira Combs, B.Th., Th.D., D.D., 

Executive Vice President

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Online Self-Directed Classes

Contemporary online learning methods are placing additional pressures on online students, but the increased demand also serves to stimulate the intellect. Self-directed learning shifts the power and responsibility for learning closer to the student.

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 Aenon Bible College Award Ceremony 2013!

Ruth A. Tyson, B.A., M.A.S.M.,  D.D., Executive Administrator

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Online Classes

Aenon online program offers you the flexibility from your home or office to learn, while retaining a level of structure that will help you stay on track toward achieving your educational goals.

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