Executive Staff

Bishop Michael D. Hannah, D.D., Executive President
Bishop Jeffery D. Goldsmith, Executive Vice President
Bishop Ira Combs, Executive Vice President
Bishop Bruce Shaw, Executive Secretary
Dr. Ruth Ann Tyson, Executive Administrator

About Aenon Bible College,

Aenon Bible College was established in Columbus, Ohio, in 1941. It is recognized as the official educational institution of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. As a nationwide Bible college, Aenon remains committed to its mission of “Equipping Christian Leaders for 21st Century Ministry” through developing the character, scholarship, and service of each student.


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Board Members

Bishop Clifton Jones                                   Suffragan Bishop Leonard Scott
Bishop Thomas Davis                                 Suffragan Bishop Leon Parker
Bishop Gregory W. Newman                     Elder Anthony Buckles, MD
Bishop James W. Gaiters                            Suffragan Bishop Fredrick Jackson
Bishop George F. Austin                            Suffragan Bishop Reginald J. Mallett
Bishop Robert Douglas                               Suffragan Bishop Arthur Fletcher
Suffragan Bishop James Rodges                Suffragan Bishop Derek Pierson

Regional Director                                        

Suffragan Bishop Michael Shaw

Emeritus Board Members              

Bishop Nathaniel J. Davis, Sr.
Bishop Samuel Wright, Sr.

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